Krisztina Orbán, PhD

Krisztina is working on a new fundamental explanation of the first person phenomenon; she calls it the Simple View. The Simple View holds that knowledge gained through proprioception, kinaesthesia, nociception, interoception and introspection is essential in understanding self-consciousness. Moreover, such ‘internal’ ways of knowing oneself have a distinctive spatial structure. If this is correct then an accurate understanding of the first person phenomenon has to accommodate this feature, in addition to immunity to error through misidentification and guaranteed right reference.

Besides her philosophical work with Hong Yu Wong, Krisztina collaborates with members of Betty Mohler's lab on experiments designed to study aspects of the first person perspective, egocentric perspective and specular perspective. She has also designed some experiments using the Rubber Hand paradigm. 

Current project Focus

How complex is the structure of embodied perspectival experience? (WP3 Project 1)

PhD thesis

Orbán, Krisztina (2014) Fixing the reference of 'I': immunity to error through misidentification as a guide. PhD thesis, Birkbeck, University of London.